What is the difference between CG2-11, CG2-11G and CG2-11D Pipe Gas Cutters?

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1.  What is the difference between CG2-11, CG2-11G and CG2-11D?

The CG2-11, CG2-11D, and CG2-11G are all models of pipe gas cutter, but they have distinct features and functionalities that set them apart. Here’s a comparison of these three models:

1.1. CG2-11 Pipe Gas Cutter

Basic Model: The CG2-11 is often considered the standard or basic model in this range.

Functionality: Primarily designed for magnetic pipe cutting. It’s suitable for circular cutting and beveled edges on pipes.

Operation: Operated magnetically, it adopts permanent magnet wheel to crawl on pipe while pipe cutting.

Applications: Ideal for general pipe cutting tasks in construction, pipeline development,and maintenance.

1.1. CG2-11D Pipe Gas Cutter

Digital Control: The ‘D’ in CG2-11D typically signifies digital control or enhancements.

Advanced Functionality: This model usually includes more advanced features compared to the basic CG2-11. These might include digital control panels for more precise adjustments and settings.

Automatic Operation: Often equipped with automatic feeding or cutting capabilities, reducing the need for manual operation and increasing precision.

Applications: Suitable for more complex pipe cutting tasks where precision and repeatability are important. Often used in industrial settings where higher efficiency and consistency are required.

1.2. CG2-11G Pipe Gas Cutter

Geared System: The ‘G’ in CG2-11G usually indicates a geared system or enhancements related to the gear mechanism.

Enhanced Stability and Precision: The geared system often provides better stability and precision in the cutting process, especially for complex cuts or thicker materials.

Specialized Applications: This model might be specifically designed for certain types of pipes or cutting tasks, such as heavy-duty cutting or working with large diameter pipes.

Operation: While it may still be manually operated, the geared system can facilitate smoother operation and better control during the cutting process.

1.3. Common Features

All three models are designed for pipe cutting and cutting bevel angle is I.Y.V 45°, particularly in metalworking, oil productions and chemical pipe project.

They are likely to be compatible with various types of fuel gases (like acetylene, propane) for cutting.

Safety features, ease of setup, convenient operation and portability are common aspects of these models.

1.4. Key Differences

Control System: Magnetic in CG2-11 vs. digital enhancements in CG2-11D.

Precision and Automation: Higher in CG2-11D and possibly in CG2-11G. 

Specific Applications: CG2-11G might be more suited for field work or specialized tasks without power supply.

Cutting Parameter: The cutting thickness, cutting speed and the diameter of diameter of pipeline are different among these three items. Details see below form:

Model No.Power SupplyCutting thickness(mm)Cutting Speed (mm/min)Dia. Of. Circle Cutting(mm)Dimension
CG2-11GNO Need6-50Hand-control>Φ150420x280x450

1.5. Conclusion

When choosing between these models, consider the specific requirements of your cutting tasks, such as the diameter of the cutting pipe, the types of pipes you’re working with, and the desired level of automation. The CG2-11 is a good general-purpose magnetic pipe cutting machine, it works through work through magnetic to crawl on pipe while cutting(When pipe diameter >600mm, the extra guide band is optional). CG2-11D offers more precision and automation, and the CG2-11G provides enhanced stability and especially applied for the field work without power supply. CG2-11D and CG2-11G both need chain belt to lock the pipe and cutter when do cutting job. The chain belt is flexible according to the exact pipeline diameter, or the extra chain can be supplied if the diameter is larger than Φ600mm.

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