What are the Differences Between HUAWEI CG2-1000 and CG1-30 Gas Cutting Machine?

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What are the Differences Between HUAWEI CG2-1000 and CG1-30 Gas Cutting Machine?

The CG2-1000 and CG1-30 are both models of oxy-fuel gas cutting machine, but they have distinct features and functionalities that set them apart. Here’s a comparison of these two items:

CG2-1000 Circular Gas Cutter

The CG2-1000 circular gas cutter is a model of gas cutting machine, specifically designed for making circular cuts in metal materials. This oxy-fuel gas cutter is particularly useful in industries where precision circular cuts are required, such as in pipe manufacturing, tank construction, and similar applications.

CG1-30 Straight Line Cutter

The CG1-30 straight line cutter is a oxy-fuel gas cutting machine.The main functions of this beetle cutting trolley is to do straight line cutting. It has an additional function to do circular cutting as well as V shape beveling. What’s more, If more facilities added, it can even be used for quench and plastic welding. For an example, adding a oscillator with CG1-30, then can do welding job.

Technical Specifications Comparisons

Item No.:CG1-30CG2-1000
Supply Voltage:AC220V/50HZAC220V/50HZ
Cutting Thickness:6-100MM                                                                                                                                                                                   6-100MM
Cutting Speed:50-750mm/min0.2-6.0r/p/m,  <1mm
Diameter of Circle Cutting:Φ200-2000mmφ30-1000mm

Applications of CG1-30 and CG2-1000 Gas Cutting Machine

CG2-1000 Applications: Circular gas cutter is well supplied in chemical industry, shipbuilding and metal structure. And it is used in cutting circular sections in pipes or for preparing pipe ends for joining.

CG1-30 Applications: Straight liner cutter is well applied in ship building, oil, chemical, and metal structure factory.                                                                                                                                                                    


The CG2-1000 and CG1-30 gas cutting machines both are portable cutting machines. CG2-1000 only have one functions to do circular cutting, CG1-30 have two functions, circular cutting and straight line cutting. If you want to buy more practical items, may be CG1-30 is better than CG2-1000.

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