Is it Possible to Achieve Plasma Cutting for Huawei’s Gas Cutting Trolley?

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1. How to Achieve Plasma Cutting for Gas Cutting Trolley?

Integrating plasma cutting functionality into a gas cutting trolley can significantly enhance its versatility, allowing it to perform both oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting. This integration, however, requires careful planning, appropriate equipment, and technical expertise.

CG1-30 and CG1-100 are gas cutting trolleys that that can be adapted for plasma cutting with the appropriate modifications and accessories.Here’s a general overview of how the CG1-30 and CG1-100 gas cutter can be used for plasma cutting:

1.1. Understanding CG1-30 and CG1-100 Gas Cutting Trolley

The CG1-30 and CG1-100 are primarily designed for gas cutting, typically using oxy-fuel for cutting through various metals. It’s known for its reliability, ease of use, and ability to make precise cuts in straight lines and circles.

1.2. Adapting CG1-30 and CG1-100 for Plasma Cutting

To adapt the CG1-30 and CG1-100 for plasma cutting, you would need to attach a plasma cutting torch in place of the standard oxy-fuel torch. This involves several considerations:

Plasma Torch Compatibility: Ensure the plasma torch can be securely mounted on the CG1-30 and CG1-100. The normal torch holder should be changed to the universal torch clamp which can both fix plasma torch and oxy-fuel torch.

Power Source: Plasma cutting requires a plasma power source. It needs to make some changes of CG1-30 and CG1-100 machine body to compatible with the plasma power. Change 4-pin switch to 6-pin switch inside of the body of gas cutter, the adding 2-pin is available to connect the plasma power.

Gas Supply: Plasma cutting typically requires a supply of compressed air or an inert gas, depending on the plasma system and the materials being cut. Ensure that the appropriate gas supply is available and can be regulated as needed.

Safety Features: Plasma cutting generates intense heat and light, so appropriate safety features, including a suitable fume extraction system and fire safety measures, should be in place.

Electrical Considerations: Ensure that the electrical supply for the plasma power source is adequate and safely integrated with the CG1-30 and CG1-100 system.

1.3. Using CG1-30 and CG1-100 with Plasma Cutting

Once adapted for plasma cutting, the CG1-30 and CG1-100 can be used in a similar manner to its original gas cutting function:

Setup: Mount the plasma torch, connect the gas supply, and attach the power source.

Safety Check: Perform a safety check, ensuring all connections are secure and the work area is safe.

Test Cut: Conduct a test cut on a scrap piece of metal to adjust the settings and ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Cutting Process: Proceed with the cutting process, using the CG1-30 and CG1-100 to guide the plasma torch along the desired cutting path.

Monitoring: Monitor the cutting process closely, adjusting settings as necessary for optimal cutting performance.

1.4. Considerations

a.Technical Expertise: Modifying and operating a plasma cutting system requires technical knowledge and expertise. If you’re not experienced in this area, it’s advisable to consult with a professional.

b.Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for both the CG1 Series gas cutter and the plasma cutting system to ensure compatibility and safe operation.

c.Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial, especially when adapting equipment for new functions. This ensures longevity and reliability of the system.

1.5. Conclusion

Adapting CG1-30 and CG1-100 gas cutting trolley for plasma cutting can significantly expand its capabilities, allowing for efficient cutting of a wider range of materials. However, it’s important to ensure that all modifications are done safely and in accordance with the equipment’s specifications.

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