How to Maintenance the Gasoline Welding Generator?

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The gasoline welding generator is an essential equipment that integrates power generation and welding. This two-in-one device has the characteristics of small size, light weight, portable and easy for transportation. Adopting digital frequency conversion control system, so the voltage is very stable, and no need a voltage regulator to protect the generator ‘s safety performance. What’s more, this petrol welding generator is with strong and sufficient power, long service life, and suitable for multiple outdoor tools. However, it needs frequent maintenance job to ensure the equipment can do normal work. Here’s some advice of maintenance, which should pay attentions to:  

Maintenance of the Gasoline Welding Generator

  1. Stop the gasoline generator before maintenance operations.
  2. In order to prevent the gasoline generator from being accidentally started,please turn the ignition switch to the “OFF”position and disconnect the spark plug.
  3. Please use our company’s authentic spare parts for maintenance since poor quality spare parts may cause damage to the gasoline generator.
  4. Regular inspections and adjustments will  keep the gasoline generator in good condition; regular maintenance will ensure long-term use of the gasoline generator.The following table will list the maintenance intervals and items.

Maintenance Schedule

MaintenanceIntervalsItems Each use First monthor first 20hours Quarterlyor every 5ChoursEvery sixmonths gevery 100hours Every yeaor every300 hours
Change O O 
Clean  O(1)  
Sediment BowlClean   O 
SparkPlugCheck-Clean   O 
ValveClearance Check-Clean    O(2)
Combustor Clean    O(2)
Oil Tank and Oil FilterClean    O(2)
FuelSystemCheckEvery two years (change when necessary)(2)
  1. More frequent maintenance is required if the gasoline generator is used in a place with dust;
  2. Visually check the spark plug,scrap it if it is obviously worn or the insulator has cracks or defects;clean the spark plug by wire brush
  3. Use  a  feeler  gauge  to  measure  the  spark  plug  gap; pull  the  electrode  for  adjustment; the correct clearance should be 0.7-0.8mm.
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