How to distinguish between HUAWEI CG2-600 and CG2-1000 Circular Gas Cutter?

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How to distinguish between HUAWEI CG2-600 and CG2-1000 Circular Gas Cutter?

The CG2-600 and CG2-1000 flame gas cutting machines both are a model of circular gas cutter, specifically designed for making circular cuts in metal materials using oxy-fuel cutting technology. These two circular cutting machines are particularly useful in industries where precision circular cuts are required, such as in pipe manufacturing, tank construction, and similar applications.

Same Appearance, Different Dimensions

The appearances between CG2-600 and CG2-1000 are basically the same, but the body dimensions are different. CG2-1000 circular gas cutter is bigger than CG2-600 flame circular cutting machine. These two gas cutters both are single torch flame cutting machines. The main body of the machines are made of aluminum, which features very light, strong and portable. Speed can be adjusted mechanically in two gears, and it is stable in operating. There are rollers installed at the foot of the machines, then make it easy to move.  

Technical Specifications Comparisons

Item No.:CG2-600CG2-1000
Supply Voltage:AC220V/50HZAC220V/50HZ
Cutting Thickness:6-100MM6-100MM
Cutting Speed:0.2-6.0r/p/m,  <1mm0.2-6.0r/p/m,  <1mm
Diameter of Circle Cutting:φ30-600mmφ30-1000mm

Applications of CG2-600 and CG2-1000 Circular Gas Cutter

Pipe Manufacturing: Ideal for cutting circular sections in pipes or for preparing pipe ends for joining.

Tank and Boiler Construction: Used in cutting circular parts or openings in tanks and boilers.

Chemical Industry, Shipbuilding and Metal Structure: Useful in various metal structure tasks where circular cuts are required.


The CG2-600 and CG2-1000 circular gas cutters both are valuable tools in settings where precise circular cuts are frequently required. Therefore, these two flame gas cutting machines are widely applied to oil productions, chemical industry, shipbuilding and metal structure process for circular cutting, which are especially for pipe cutting, tank construction and metal parts. The maximum diameter of circle cutting of CG2-1000 is larger than CG2-600 gas cutter. Customers can select the wanted items according to the exact working pipe diameters.

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