Why Use a Handheld Spot Welder?

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The DN-100E is a portable model of handheld spot welder, typically used in industrial and manufacturing settings for welding mild steel, carbon steel and stainless steel materials. When do spot welding job, only press the welding electrode, wait several seconds, then release it, then the spot welding is done.But please remember it is not designed as force clamps to pull the metal pieces together for welding. Here’s an overview of the DN-100E spot welding machine:

Features of DN-100E Handheld Spot Welder

Electric Resistance Welding: The DN-100E uses electric resistance welding, a process where an electrical current is passed through metal pieces to generate heat and create a weld.

Spot Welding Capability: It is specifically designed for spot welding, which involves welding at specific points rather than along a seam. The welding thickness is from 0.2mm+0.2mm to 1.5mm+1.5mm. And it is well used to weld mild steel, carbon steel and stainless steel materials.

Power and Control: The rated voltage is 220V/50HZ and power is 2.5KW.

Electrodes: Equipped with copper electrodes that deliver the welding current to the metal. The standard electrode arm length is 150mm, however, it has an extended style. The length of extended design is 300mm.

Applications of DN-100E Handheld Spot Welder

Automotive Industry: Commonly used in the automotive industry for welding sheet metal in car bodies and other components.

Sheet Metal Work: Ideal for joining sheet metal in HVAC systems, metal furniture, and other similar applications.

Manufacturing: Used in various manufacturing processes where quick, efficient point welding is required.


DN-100E portable handheld spot welder is a smallest resistance welding machine in the world. Because it is very light, portable and robust, it’s well supplied in various industrial settings. But one thing to note is that it can not work more than 4 welding times per minute. Proper operation and maintenance are crucial to ensure safety and extend the lifespan of the DN-100E spot welding machines.

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