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Gas cutter beetle cutting trolley is a oxygen flame gas cutter. It is supplied with a main aluminum body, 1pcs flat rail, 1pcs cutting torch assembly, 1 set of circling-cutting parts and 3pcs propane or acetylene cutting tips. This HK-12 beetle cutting trolley is same as Huawei’s and widely used because of its simplicity, low price and easy operation.


The Differences Between CG1-30 and CG1-100

The main differences between CG1-30 and CG1-100 is the quantity of cutting torch assembly. CG1-30 has a single cutting torch, however, CG1-100 has double cutting torch. Both machines are semi-automatic beetle cutting trolley, and multi-use oxy-fuel cutting machines with Acetylene as its flame gas.

Gas Cutter Beetle Cutting Trolley2

The Differences Between CG1-30A and CG1-30B

The main differences between CG1-30A and CG1-30B is the working rail. 30A is with “H” rail, 30B is with hole rail. The rail is different, the driving wheels and directional wheels will be different, the price also will be different. So please show us the exact needs, then can supply you the correct pug cutting trolley.

Item ModelCG1-30A、CG1-30BCG1-100A、 CG1-100B
Steel plate thickness8-100mm8-100mm
Cutting speed50-750mm/min50-750mm/min
Cutting circle Diameterφ200-2000mmφ200-2000mm
Cutting thickness6-100mm6-100mm
Machine body dimension470*230*240470*230*240
WeightSmall vehicle 15 kg,guide
rail,radius 12kg
Small vehicle 18 kg,Track
Radius bar 12 kg

Functions of Beetle Cutting Trolley

The surface cutting roughness could reach to 12.5 and needless to cutting processing further on common occasion. The mainly function of this flame cutting machine is to do straight linear cutting. It has an additional function to do circling-cutting as well as V shape beveling. What’s more, If more facilities added, it can even be used for quench and plastic welding. For an example, adding a oscillator with CG1-30, then can do welding job.

Details of Gas Cutter Beetle Cutting Trolley

The cutting torch assembly with 2 different hoses to distinguish the connected hoses, red color and blue color. There is a quick valve to control the cutting functions, not need to open or close the small valves to adjust the gas for working. The control plate has two different designs, one is big, the other one is small. Our standard machine is with big control plate. However, if you want to get more competitive machine, small control plate and without quick valve are available.


How to Select the Wanted Cutting Tips?

Different sizes of the cutting tips, different cutting thickness. First confirm the needed cutting thickness, then select the corresponding cutting nozzles. See below detailed parameter of G02 (acetylene)and G03 (propane)tips.

TypeNo.Gas cutting
Cutting speed
TypeNo.Gas cutting
Cutting speed

Can These Gas Cutter Beetle Cutting Trolley Do Circular-cutting and Plasma Cutting?

Yes, they can. Our standard machines are with the circling-parts to do extra circular- cutting, including their main straight-line cutting function. What’s more, the plasma cutting also is available. These CG1-30 and CG1-100 flame gas cutting machines have the same functions as Huawei’s HK-12 cutting beetle, but with cheaper prices.

CG1-30 portable plasma cutting machine1

Common Problems and Solutions

SymptomPossible         causedPossible        solution
No power supply of vehicle
after power Connecting
1:No electricity from the power socket
2:Fuse is burn up
3:shedding wire in socket plug and switch
1:Examine and repair the circuit
2:Replace the fuse
3:Fix the shedding wire
Motor is not working after
power connection but
voltage is normal
1:Connection problem between the socket
and plug of the motor
2:Move less of the motor bus
3:Motor magnet falls to stop armature working
1:Weld the shedding wire and correctly connect the
socket,repair the connecting slice when necessary
2:Take out of the brush and mill it to ensure good
3:Replace the motor
Speed of the vehicle can
not be adjusted
Slide connection problem of the potentiometerRepair the slide or replace the potentiometer
Gas leakage between the
cutting torch and cutting tip
1:Nut is not fastened firmly enough
2:Copper rust and dirt on conical surface of the cutting torch
3:Dirt or damage on the conical surface of the cutting tip
1:Fasten the nut firmly
2:Clean the copper rust and dirty by sand paper
3:Clean the dirt by sand paper,replace the tip it
Flame goes out once
oxygen valve is open
Cutting oxygen leaking to oxygen preheating area
1:Copper rust and dust on conical surface of inner side
of the cutting torch
2:Dirt or damage on the conical surface of the cutting tip
1:Clean the copper rust and dirt by sand paper
2:Clean the dirt by sand paper,replace the cutting tip if
Steel plate can not be
cut totally enough
1:Small size of the cutting tip
2:Less power of flame
3:Less pressure of the cutting oxygen
4:Jam of the cutting oxygen pipe
5:Low purity of the oxygen
6:Oxygen leaking to oxygen-preheating area
1:Choose suitable size of the cutting tip based on cutting
2:Properly increase the power of the flame
3:Properly increase the pressure of the cutting oxygen to
   ensure enough flowing speed and force
4:Clean the dust inside the oxygen pipe
5:Use oxygen with purity more than 95%
6:Clean the dirt on cutting torch and cutting tip and mil
   the damaged conical surface,Replace the cutting tip
   when necessary
Cutting edge is not straight1:Steel place is not placed on the same level or
the steel plate is distorted
2:Shifting blowing direction of the flame
3:The track is not placed on the same level
1:Place the steel plate flatly and adjust before cutting
2:The cutting torch should be vertical to the steel plate
   and fastened firmly.Clean the dust inside the tip
3:Adjust the track of the vehicle
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