What are the Differences Between TRB-5A and TRB-5E 5kg Portable Electrode Drying Ovens?

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The TRB-5A and TRB-5E electrode drying ovens both are Japanese type 5kg portable welding rod dryers, which are necessary tools to transport the electrodes to welder before using. These drying ovens can separates the welding rod from moisture air, and prevents air holes and crevices in the weld lines. What’s more, they are also the important tools to pledge the welding in a high quality.

Same Functionality and Structure of These Two Electrode Drying Ovens

The TRB-5A and TRB-5E electrode dryer, which consist of a durable mild steel outer barrel, a galvanized chamber, a portable handle, a lifter, a electrode tray, a secondary power wire and 1m length power cable. The suitable voltage for these two dryers are AC110V/220V or AC.DC 90-110V secondary power supply. Their main advantage is due to their compact appearance, also with handle, easy to carry around, and convenient for frequent transportation. For the temperature control system, they work through heating wires, which install inside the inner cylinder. Therefore, customers don’t need to adjust the temperature, the welding rod dryers will automatically heat up when power on, and keep the temperature to 150 ℃ around. After working 1.5 hours or so, the temperature will drop and then rise again to 150 ℃. These two electrode drying ovens are mainly designed for cyclic operation like this way.

Key Appearance Differences of These Two Electrode Drying Ovens

The 5kg TRB-5A and TRB-5E portable electrode drying ovens are with different appearances and different weight. They are specifically tailored for consistent and efficient insulation job for the electrodes from moisture and ensure the high quality welding job.

Item No.:TRB-5ATRB-5E
Supply Voltage:AC220V/50HZAC220V/50HZ
Capacity:5KG 5KG
Electrode Length:450MM450MM


The TRB-5A and TRB-5E electrode dryers are specialized devices designed for the storage and maintenance of welding electrodes, particularly in constructions sites, repair work, welding shops, especially for field & high sky operation welding projects. Their main functions is to hold the welding electrodes dry in low temperature, and free from moisture, which are portable, easily to load and unload the welding electrodes. For individual welders or small-scale tasks, these two 5kg electrode drying ovens are likely sufficient.

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